Oily Skin

If your face is constantly shiny, you probably have oily skin. The oil your skin produces helps keep your skin moisturized, but if your body produces too much oil, it can cause acne. However, there is a silver lining — oil keeps skin smooth and moist, making it less likely to wrinkle.

Oily skin is largely hereditary — if you have oily skin, it’s probably because your parents have oily skin. But excess oil can also be the result of heightened hormone levels. Oil, or sebum, is produced by sebaceous glands and secreted through pores, and if your glands secrete excess oil, there’s not much you do to stop it. You can, however, control it. The last thing you want to do is dry out your skin. If you do, it’ll kick your sebaceous glands into overdrive. Keeping your skin healthy and your oil levels balanced can be difficult, but it is possible.


What Can You Do ?

  • Keep hands & face clean
  • Use oil-free mositurizer
  • Use makeup sparingly
  • Limit hair product use
  • Keep hands off face
  • Limit exposure to sun
  • Excersise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy diet


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