Smoothening Balance

Cucumber and skin share the same hydrogen levels, making it easier to treat all the problem areas on your face. It will smoothen and soften your face on a cellular level. Take comfort in knowing that this mask leaves behind gentle, soft, and supple skin that looks and feels naturally brighter than ever before.

Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumbers are often used topically to enhance skin function. The natural ascorbic acid and caffeic acid within the cucumber act to prevent water retention in the skin. This reduces swelling under the eyes and helps the skin heal from sunburn, inflammation, and eczema.


If you have found that you stayed out in the sun a little too long and are dealing with sunburn, then cucumbers can also provide benefits in this regard. The cooling effect of cucumbers is a natural and gentle way to soothe your skin and speed up the healing process.

Cucumbers act to draw out excess fluids and tighten collagen which has the effect of a natural cellulite reduction. Simply eat some cucumber, juice it, and/or place the cucumber on the regions of water retention.*

What´s Skin Benefits of Cucumber - NaturaBella Botanicals used for?

  • Cell Renewal
  • Brightening
  • Deep Hydration
  • Sensitive Skin

Primary Solution

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